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Welcome to Games Stuff Comic, a leading
internet comic fan focused on bringing together video game and comic
enthusiasts in one place. We cater for more than 70 million monthly users on
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For millions of video game and comic fans,

we have built a reputation as one of the most authoritative voices on gaming
and entertainment by delivering our detailed opinions along with stunning
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presenting the very best comics and comic artists out there, has made us into
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Games Stuff Comic was founded in 1990 as a
weekly newsletter compiling little bits and pieces of comic book news, and has
over the years, evolved from what was one of the first major professional video
game and comic book news website to now being one of the most influential genre
websites around. After evolving itself for the past two
decades, the website has snatched up a number of awards and our former
contributors have gone on to becoming heads of marketing departments of major

Martin Goodman founded the company, which
later became known as Marvel Comics, under the name Timely Publications in
1939.  A pulp magazine publisher, Mr
Goodman had started his career with a Western pulp in 1933, which was expanding
and evolving into an already popular medium – comic books.

DC Comics is renowned globally for its
comic books. It has become the leader in the comic book industry having started
as early as 1939. The company was founded by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson and the
company went by the name of National Allied Publications at the time. The
initials of the DC comic books were taken and adopted from the Detective Comic

Superhero stories have formed part of pop
culture for over 75 years but it’s not just in comics. Many adaptions have been
plastered across various media and the big screen is usually one of the most
popular destinations other than the comic books themselves.

It is usually thought that video fames that are adopted from other sources such as books and movies are not that good but when you threw in the comic book factor, it tends to cause a stir. Although there are few video games that are best avoided due to their poor quality, there are also many games that adapt comic book heroes that work on exceptional level. Some comic book video games have managed to
outshine the others with stunning graphics and minute details that has captured
the gamers’ heart. Read on to learn more about our popular comic book video

Occasionally, online slots operators discover something that truly works and brings in the money, regardless of it being a free spins or payed one. Comic heroes is a favourite genre often tapped into. Owing to big budget movies and television series, comic book superheroes have gained so much popularity, that they have been subject to storylines in online casino games. Slots players, have further pushed them into the limelight to make them prominent.

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To bring together video game and comic enthusiasts in one convenient place and to serve as a channel for showcasing new talent. Our main specialist and keen interest lies with Marvel and DC Comic books and charaCTERS.

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